Grassroots Uganda is currently selling wholesale only. The products displayed here are to be used as examples of our Products and Product Lines.For wholesale merchandise sheets and price lists, please contact us.

Antique African Coin Jewelry

Our Coin Jewelry uses antique, pre-independence East African coins, combined with beads made from bone, recycled glass, and West African trade beads strung on a multi-East african coin necklacestrand cotton thong.

Traditionally, the coins were used as currency in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and what used to be known as Somaliland. Today, the coins have integrated themselves into traditional African spiritualism, which is sometimes called juju, voodoo, or witchcraft.

In Uganda, traditional beliefs are a large part of everyday life, and they are practiced simultaneously with Christianity and Islam. Most of the traditional beliefs revolve around ancestor worship. They pray and give offerings to the ancestors to protect them, heal the sick, bring the rains, etc.

Multi-coin necklace made out of east african coinsAs the coins are a direct link to the ancestors (their ancestors used them after all) they are used in practices like divination, a way of ‘casting the bones,’ except here they throw old trinkets and read how they fall. They can also be tied on a string around a child’s waist and the ancestors will protect the child against common yet deadly illnesses such as measles and malaria. Or they can simply be blessed and tied as a talisman somewhere around your body to bring you good luck.

Go Organic! Seed JewelryOrganic seed jewelry made by tina

The Go Organic! Seed Jewelry utilizes a variety of seeds that are collected from the jungles and swamps around Uganda

The seeds are gathered when they are almost mature, but still pliable enough to be pierced by a needle and threaded onto raffia fibers. The seeds then mature and harden, with the raffia string guaranteeing that the hole remains open. From here, the seeds can be removed and made into Jewelry.

Each necklace is unique and beautiful. Different seeds are available during different seasons, so our designs are always changing.

Kenyan ‘Eclectic Mix’ Jewelry

Image of kenyan beads jwellery made by TinaOur Kenyan Jewelry encompasses a spectacular array of colors and mixed media. The jewelry is made from West African trade beads, recycled glass, seeds, amber, stones, wood, bone, metal bells, the list goes on…

It is funky and stylish at the same time. As with all of our products, no two items are identical.

Recycled paper Bead JewelryRecycled paper Bead Jewelry made by Tina

The Recycled Paper Bead Jewelry is a great way to decorate yourself with beautiful colors, while at the same time aiding in environmental conservation and helping empower African women.

The beads are made using recycled posters and magazines. The paper is measured, marked, and cut into long thin triangles, which are then rolled around a needle into beads. The colors in paper make the colors of the bead. After rolling, the beads are lacquered to make the paper durable and waterproof, and to make the colors more vibrant and shiny.

Textiles – Handbags, Clothing, etc.

Textiles come in a wide variety of styles and colors. They are all wax-dyed batik in Africa, and hand tailored. The samples bellow should be used for style reference only, as the textile patterns and colors vary on a monthly basis.

Textile products made by various artists