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We currently sell wholesale to Organizations, Businesses, and Individuals around the globe. If you are interested in buying wholesale, or would like information about hosting bead parties, please contact us for information and wholesale price lists at


Bead Parties

Bead Parties are a fun and easy way to support Grassroots Uganda’s efforts, and you will get some awesome jewelry!

Bead Parties can be held at home, or in an office environment. When holding a Bead Party at home, the most successful method is to invite 10-15 of your friends, and ask each of them to invite 3 people to come with them. You should invite them 1-2 weeks prior, and then call them as a reminder about 3 days in advance. As people often come early or late, arrange for a 2-3 hour time window where people can come and shop.

We will provide you with information about Grassroots Uganda’s Women’s Groups, Artist Co-op, and Special Projects; as well as informative brochures. You will also have unlimited access to our website and facebook page for up to date blogs and other information. You can share this information with your guests, either in a speech, or on an individual basis with each guest. It is also always helpful to have a bit of munchie food and beverages available, as it makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed. Trays of crackers, grapes, cheeses, juice, and even wine are all excellent options.

When holding a bead party at the office, you should always check with your supervisor. From there, you can arrange a public/ commons area for you to display the items and promotional material. This can be in the break room, lobby, or even as a display on the reception desk! Examples of businesses that have held Bead Parties are banks, real estate offices, medical clinics, schools, chiropractic offices, coffee shops, beauty parlors, and health clubs.

Remember, invite people, spread the word, and be enthusiastic! Enthusiasm is contagious, so if you’re excited, then others will feed off of your energy and be excited with you!

We have two starter kits available:

The Basic Starter Kit costs $250 and includes a variety of jewelry items and textiles. It also includes brochures, and other promotional material.

The Deluxe Starter Kit costs $500 and includes nearly all items sold by Grassroots Uganda. It also includes brochures and promotional material.

Starter packs will be shipped out AFTER payment has been received either by check, or via paypal (please see the paypal payment link above.) Shipping can take up to 4 weeks as all orders are shipped from Uganda.

YOU are the one to decide the price that you sell the items for. We suggest that you increase the price of each jewelry item by $3-$5 and the price of each textile item by $4-$10.

Your additional profits can be sent back to Grassroots Uganda to further our empowerment initiatives, sent to another charity, or used as income generating activity for yourself.

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Our sister organization, The Real Uganda, offers a variety of volunteer placements in Uganda.

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